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  • Assault Weapons Firearms Attorney California
    Assault Weapons / Firearms Offenses

    Firearm violations, without expert representation may lead to a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

  • Firearms Rights Restoration
    Firearms Rights

    Just because your firearm rights have been restored, doesn't mean the CA DOJ Bureau of Firearms will make it easy for you.

  • Money Laundering Attorney California
    Money Laundering

    This "White Collar Crime". can have intense media exposure, but our law firm can help make sure your media attention doesn't hurt your case.

  • Narcotics Attorney California

    Don't let the wrong place or wrong time have long term effects on your record for your drug charges. 

  • DUI DWAI Attorney California
    Driving Under the Influence

    Anthony Valente is a former Indio police officer, helping him better identify police mistakes, unreliable breath, blood, and urine testing that can turn your case around!

  • Firearms Violations

    Find out how we can help you, possibly ensuring your firearm rights are not lost permanently. 

  • DUI Defense

    DUI attorneys are a dime a dozen, but as a previous Indio Police Offer and CBI Special Agent is one in a million.

  • DMV Hearings

    Most DMV violations are time sensitive, and we can help you use them to your advantage.

  • Vehicle Code Violations

    Don't leave it up to chance with the DMV having the ability to cripple your ability to drive by suspending, restricting or revoking your license.

  • Drug Offenses

    Give your child his or her best chance for the future through proven representation for their juvenile drug charges

  • Violent Crimes

    Without strong, expert representation, this may be one of the most difficult charges to fight because of the intent.

  • Sex Crimes & Internet Sex Crimes

    Just because the crime you are being accused of committing is online does not mean you are at less risk and your crime is considered not as serious.

  • Third Strike Crimes

    Because of the voter approved Proposition 26, you may be eligible to appeal your Third Strikes Law Sentence in Riverside County.

  • Theft, Fraud, & White Collar Crimes

    Even though white collar crimes are usually nonviolent in nature they face high publicity and attract media attention which can be hard to bounce back from.

  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence charges can affect your time with your children, your job and it counts as a felony adding it as a strike according to the Three Strikes Law

  • Juvenile Crimes

    Juveniles can face serious charges depending on their crimes, there are different alternatives for juvenile offenders.

  • Probation Violations

    Probation violation can result in jail time and thousands of dollars in bail fees, having adequate representation could have a significant impact on the result of your case.

  • Record Expungements

    Having your record expunged can aid in housing and background checks for employment, once your record is expunged employers cannot use your record against you.

  • Firearms Rights Restoration

    Having previous convictions reduced, reduced and dismissed or show a positive and healthy mental assessment may have a positive effect on your firearm rights restoration. 

  • Criminal Defense

    Being charged with criminal activity is frightening and confusing, having effective representation who can apply the correct laws to your situation is essential to your case.

Extensive, Unmatched Qualification

Local Peace Officer - 4 Years

Before his 5th work anniversary as a patrol officer and detective, Anthony Valente was hired by the California Department of Justice

5 Years as a California Department of Justice Attorney General Investigator

Attorney General Investigator assigned to the Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud & Patient Abuse from 1989 to 2004.

8 Years as a California Bureau of Investigation Special Agent

Specialized investigation and representation for child exploitation and internet crimes, white collar crime and fraud, and public corruption and police misconduct cases.

12 Years as a Special Agent In The California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement

Working violent crimes, gangs and narcotics.